ドバイ:UAE経済省のSultanAl Mansouri氏によると、今年終わりまでに施行される新たなUAE出資法により、UAEGDP34%上昇する見られているという。


Al Mansouri氏は、年次総会2014の開催に合わせて、新たな出資法はUAE全体の投資ビジネス環境を強化するだろうと言う。


「新たに発表される出資法は、UAEの非石油部門市場、特に旅行・観光業、不動産業そして金融部門が外国人投資家にとってより有利になるように大きく改正されている。」とAl Mansouri氏は語った。






Al Mansouri氏は「UAEの法的基盤の改正は、現在の経済環境と協調するため、また司法原理に従って市場チャレンジに立ち向かうために必要である」と付け加えた。




Al Mansouri 氏は「今回の法改正により、経済の多角化を加速するためにUAEへの海外直接投資が大幅に増大することを期待している。」とも述べた。




UAEGDP2013年の3.9%から2014年には4.5%に成長すると予測されている。世界的信用保険会社Euller Hermes社は、UAEの今年のGDP成長を4.7%、ワールドエクスポ2020の開催決定後には5.4%と予測している。


Al Mansouri 氏によると、非石油部門がGDP成長に大きく貢献しており、特に旅行・観光業、製造業、金融業、通商業が特に大きな部分を占めているという。






New UAE investment law to boost GDP


Published: 18:33 April 8, 2014


Dubai: The upcoming release of UAE Investment Law by the end of this year is expected to boost the UAE’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) between three to four per cent, according to Sultan Al Mansouri, UAE Minister of Economy.


On the sidelines of the Annual Investment Meeting 2014, Al Mansouri told Gulf News that the new law will enhance the overall investment and business environment across the UAE.


Major changes have been made in the new version of the Investment Law which will help the UAE markets become more favourable for foreign investments in most non-oil sectors, especially tourism, real estate and financial sectors,” Al Mansouri said.


To boost the overall business environment, the UAE government intends to upgrade its legal infrastructure by revising tens of laws and regulations including a company law, an investment law, a bankruptcy law, a competitiveness law, an arbitration Law, and an intellectual property law, among others. 


Legal infrastructure


Upgrading the legal infrastructure in the UAE is needed to cope with the current economic situation and to stand up to the market challenges according to the,” he added.


Once implemented, the new laws would strengthen the legal infrastructure and boost the economy. This would encourage businessmen and investors to be more active and creative, he said.


We are expecting remarkable growth in the flow of FDI into the UAE by the issuance of this law with the aim of accelerating the diversification of the economy,” he added.


Currently, the accumulated value of UAE foreign direct investment touched $92 billion, Al Mansouri said.


He added that the UAE’s overall GDP is expected to grow from 3.9 per cent in 2013 to 4.5 per cent in 2014. While Euler Hermes, a global credit insurance company, expects the UAE GDP to grow up to 4.7 per cent this year and up to 5.4 per cent after winning the bid for Expo 2020.


Al Mansouri said that non-oil sectors had the highest share of contribution to growth, where sectors like tourism, industry, finance, and trade were the biggest contributors.


This year, AIM is discussing the role of foreign direct investments (FDI) on the Arab and regional economies with a special focus on emerging markets.


Under the theme ‘Investment Partnerships for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Frontier and Emerging Markets’, the three-day event is expected to open new horizons for new direct investment opportunities across the UAE as well as in the region.


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