Business Card Advance

This is our services for foreign company exhibitors to support to make good results at the exhibition. Especially, we make company analysis reports of Japanese companies for foreign company exhibitors when we have business cards from them.

What is Business Card Advance service?

Exhibitors exchange Business Card with new customers.

Exhibitors are disappointed with no success to Japan market.
The Japanese company analysis reports are made from based on three steps.

1. We see and check the details of the company through web site.
2. We try to have phone call interviews about client requests.
3. We see the data base of latest Japanese companies survey.

During the exhibition period, it is very short time to discuss with Japanese companies who visit exhibitor booth. And it is difficult to judge who are suitable companies or not with less information about companies. However, all exhibitors are looking for good business partners through the exhibition.
We are well experienced with many field in Japan, and we have known many companies in the market. In addition, when we have business cards we will check the company profile by web site and phone call interviews, we will make company analysis reports through the business cards who exhibitors are interested in.
On the company analysis reports, we will try to make judgments who are the most suitable and suitable companies for exhibitors requests, and we also support their following-up business as well.
The company analysis reports are composed of six subjects as follows.

1. Integrated Judgment

It shows that how the company will be for your target through below subjects.
Most suitable / Suitable / Average / Unsuitable

2. Market Position

It shows that where the company position in the market distribution according to Japanese standard system.

3. Market Segmentation

In Japan, there are four different segmentation such as specialty market, online market, mass market, and discount market. It shows that which market the company will supply and be strong among four segmentation market.

4. Concept of the company direction

It shows that the company directions as itself and new products in the chart.

5. Comparison with other companies on the same category

It shows that the company would be on the chart compared with other companies on the same category.

6. SWOT Analysis

It shows four aspects for the company such as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.